Step 1

Adding RevizorCoin to your wallet

To display your RR balance,
add custom token with the following info:

Token Adress: 0x5fb6a842ea587fa8d0486589742ce68ef24834a4
Token Symbol: RR
Decimals: 18

* 1. You need a wallet, which supports ERC20 Tokens,
such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, MetaMask, Ethereum Wallet.
2. Do not send ETH from exchanges such as Poloenix, Bittrex etc.


Step 2

Getting tokens on your wallet *
1 ETH = 5000 RR
Send ETH: 0xEF25FA4A6B1336517027FB99A53e24185FB84D25
Use: Gwei (gas price) = 5-8
Gas limit = 200 000

RR will receive automatically!

Any questions? Mail us preico-support@revizor-coin.io
* By getting RevizorCoin your agree with Terms of Use.