Exchange using RevizorCoin, which is deprived of the need to use Bitcoin

January 14, 2018

There is an opinion that Bitcoin is a completely centralized system. Let's look at the partitioning of the Bitcoin power system:

Bitcoin is still highly centralized. The power distribution diagram shows us the distribution among the miners. We forget that the miners are part of the country, they can physically be located on the territory of one territory. Let's return to the real world: the country has full control over its residents, including miners .

Let's look at the schedule for the distribution of capacities "China" versus "non-China":

"As John Keynes (an English economist, the founder of the Keynesian direction in economic theory, ed., Ed.) Taught us," the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. " The only thing that remains is to sit on the bank of the river and wait for the corpse of bitcoin to pass by once. "

This is how true decentralization should look (51 independent objects for capture), both for business entities and for the countries where they are located. 100 enterprises in 100 different countries have a much lower probability of collusion than 3 companies in the territory of one country.

It is for this reason that it is fundamental for Revizor to create a system that would allow the direct import of illiquid tokens to RevizorCoin without any use of Bitcoin. This is a necessary and sufficient condition for the implementation of Revizor's objectives.