• Auction of blockchain assets

It represents a unique platform for the development of the blockchain community. Systematically, Revizor will conduct auctions at which the absorbed coins will be exhibited. In addition, anyone can put up for sale at our auction, their blockchain product (idea, copyright, site, cryptocurrency exchange, etc.). Regularly at the auction will be sold products of all kinds of innovative technologies, interesting developments and ideas. Sale of an absorbed set of tokens, as well as other lots, exhibited at our auction will begin with a minimum price. This gives a chance to buy any participant of the auction a large part of the crypto assets of the absorbed projects, as well as ideas in the field of blockchain for their further implementation, copyrights to certain developments, already created sites , cryptocurrency exchangers, and so on. In addition, the makers of failed projects can also buy coins. Thus, they will prove their honest intentions and will be able to re-instill confidence in their project. Thus, in the auction to participate in the quality of both the seller and the buyer will be able to any: from a simple user to the company.